Security is a basic need. Whether it is people, goods or property.Corpus Security, because security is a manpower service. Corpus is the Latin word for body. Corpus Security provides professional security services and deploys experienced, decisive security guards with excellent communication skills. Our people are both physically fit and mentally strong.


Experience is the best teacher

Rapidly deployable because of our network of professionals. Our team members have a customer-focused approach, are able to make your life easier and maximize your sense of security. In addition, they always keep your best interests in mind. Quality is key to all activities the intended purpose of which is to ensure long-tem security.

Depending on the project and your requirements, we strive to deploy the right person in the right place. We look specifically at both the qualifications and personal qualities of our employees in relation to the nature of your enquiry. We also use your dress code requirements to achieve the right image in that area.

We work both on the basis of ad hoc enquiries and long-term projects. The principle underlying our policy is that we aim at a long-term cooperation.


a healthy mind in a healthy body

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